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A new era of paintball has now begun in Canada! Paintball Vancouver, Paintball Edmonton & Paintball Toronto. The world’s largest paintball company, Delta Force Paintball, has exploded into the paintball scene bringing an exciting new level of play to the recreation side of this sport. For too long the Canadian paintball scene has been suffering with game zones offering no more than pallets, hay bales and old tyres to play between. But all of this is now in the past.

Delta Force Paintball Canada is famous globally for offering quality, high voltage paintball games that no other paintball centre can match. With a quarter century of experience behind us, and the echoes of more than 5 million players to have enjoyed paintball the Delta Force way, we know we can deliver a day of paintball unseen in Canada prior to our arrival.

Our movie-set paintball scenarios and state of the art equipment, combined with the incredible natural landscape in this amazing country, will see us enthusiastically expand paintballing in Canada to the benefit of all who come to play at Delta Force Paintball.