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What to wear for paintball

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Arriving prepared. What to bring to paintball.

At our Delta Force Paintball Canada centres we’ve seen it all. Customers rock up with everything including the kitchen sink while others front up with little more than the clothes on their back and a smile. However, to be sure your day with us is as memorable as possible we do have a few suggestions of what to wear for paintball along with a few obvious rules.

Your Fashion Statement

We sure don’t mind if you arrive dressed up like you are headed for a night out, but for practical reasons, wearing old, comfortable clothing is recommended even though we offer you our camouflaged combat overalls to play in. A change of clothes for the drive home is another good idea and probably a good thing for everyone in the car if you manage to work up a sweat during the heat of battle.

Protecting Your Feet

Without doubt, you must wear covered footwear when playing paintball. We think that a light boot is the best choice but old running shoes are often worn and are quite suitable as well.

Fueling Up

An army marches on it’s stomach they say, and keeping your energy levels up during your day with us is definitely a good strategy for getting the most out of your paintball experience. You are welcome to bring along your own lunch, snacks and non alcoholic drinks if you wish. However, you can also pre-order in a pizza on arrival for lunch from our on-site kiosk where you can also purchase various cold drinks and chocolate snacks as well.

Hands Down A Good Idea

Your hands will be your sacrificial lambs out there in the midst of paintball war. You’ll hide your body but stick your gun out to take pot shots when you can and your hands suddenly become vulnerable. A paintball hitting an unprotected hand while holding your paintball gun can definitely have you being outwardly descriptive in a colourful sort of way if you get our drift. However, a solution is at ‘hand’, pun intended. You can purchase armoured paintball gloves, which are yours to keep, from the on-site kiosk when you arrive.

Some Extra Thoughts

Imagine getting through to lunchtime after the most incredible couple of hours of action and adrenaline induced fun you’ve ever experienced only to then have to head home because, in the excitement of freeing the prisoners, or charging the tanks you misjudged your trigger happy appetite for giving the enemy a serious paintball flogging. To make certain you avoid that disappointment, and if your budget allows, bring some money for purchasing extra paintballs so your awesome morning morphs quickly into the afternoon and becomes a day you will treasure forever. Talk to our staff when you arrive, you may even choose to upgrade your pre-paid package before your day begins for even bigger savings.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to firearm laws, all of our Delta Force Paintball centres are strictly drug and alcohol free zones. No illicit drugs or any alcohol whatsoever may be brought to our centres at any time. Persons found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter by law. No paintball markers (guns) are stored on site.