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Delta Force Paintball Winnipeg

A message to all ticket/voucher holders: Delta Force Paintball is an independently owned and operated business without any ties to the business formerly known as Adrenaline Adventures. You will still be able to redeem your tickets & vouchers at Delta Force Paintball during the 2018 season.

Paintball centres open during the 2017-2018 Winter season

Some of our paintball centres will be closed for the Winter Season, we hope to see you all again next year. In the mean time you can keep on paintballing at Maple Ridge Paintball which is open all year. Barrie: Closed for Winter, reopening 10th March 2018 Ottawa: Closed for Winter, reopening 10th March 2018…

MINIBALL now available at Delta Force Strathmore

We at Delta Force Paintball are proud to announce our latest innovation in paintballing for Canada – MiniBall! If you are looking for an outdoor activity which is safe and fun for kids, this is it. With specially selected equipment, low impact .50 calibre ammunition and expertly trained marshals in charge – you can rest…

Connoisseur or Home Brand?

Experience the Delta Force Difference I have a confession: Ice-cream is my vice. I love it. I’ll happily have a tub of the stuff every week (I don’t, I still want to fit in my combat suit!). There’s something to consider about ice-cream though; if it’s bad quality, you’re going to have a bad time….

5 reasons why paintball is good for you

Paintball is the new crossfit! When you think of paintball the majority of people think about being shot at, the bruises, and the cool overalls you get to wear. For one, you can totally avoid bruises by wearing combat suits and some protective layers. And honestly, shooting a paintball marker at your friends is way…

Make Your Birthday The Best Day Ever

Birthdays at Delta Force Paintball What’s not to love about a birthday? That one day of the year when it’s your chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do. And you get to bring your friends. It’s that day has you waking up smiling. It’s the day that you can have whatever you want…

Bucks Days at Delta Force Paintball

Bucks days at Delta Force Paintball A bucks day he’ll never forget. It’s almost your mate’s special day. He’s gonna tie the knot soon. And you’re the man who is meant to plan the best send off possible. What better way to send your stag off than to dress him up and send him out…

Health Benefits of Paintball

Health Benefits of Paintball Cross fit, of F45, kick boxing, they all lead to #gains. How do they compare to a game of action and strategy? Our friends over at health fitness revolution know all about getting healthy, and they’ve realised a great way to get fit and have fun: Paintball. Here’s what they have…

A Day at Delta Force Paintball

A day at Delta Force Paintball The car is stocked. Water, snacks, your spare set of clothes, they’re all in the boot. Your friend has everyone’s registration forms. You’re all prepared. Your friends have piled in. The music is blaring, the GPS is set, everyone is ready. It’s time to go paintballing. You arrive at…