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Delta Force Paintball Rescues Rambo Russian Attack Chopper

Delta Force Paintball Tsawwassen, Canada has proudly added a well known piece from a classic box office hit movie to their myriad of props in the game zones.

Sylvester Stallone fans will remember the explosive climax to the movie Rambo: First Blood ll where the hero entered Vietnam to rescue forgotten prisoners of war and was engaged by a massive Russian helicopter which he shot down in typical dramatic Rambo flair.

The Russian Mil Mi 24 helicopter attack and gunship has been mothballed at the Pitt Meadows Airport for many years after being used in the movies such as Stargate, Falling Skies, and of course Rambo 2. Delta Force Paintball has stepped up and rescued the monster piece of military hardware and moved it to their first Canadian location on Tsawwassen Drive South at Tsawwassen in the greater Vancouver region.

The huge machine, now refurbished and looking threatening in it’s former glory, sits proudly as the centre piece at base camp and is the perfect backdrop for photos of your day at Delta Force Paintball.

With such an amazing hunk of war and movie memorabilia on site, and 6 game zones full of other realistic props and scenarios on offer, a day at Delta Force Paintball Tsawwassen is not only a day you and your comrade in arms won’t forget in a hurry, it’s a day you’ll want to repeat and enjoy as often as you can.

If you want to join your friends on the paintball battlefield and be amongst the first in Canada to enjoy Vancouver’s newest Paintball Theme Park then call our booking office on 1-800-568-8909 and book your paintball event now.

Posted in News on 7th February 2013

Last updated 18th April 2016