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Delta Force Paintball Canada $35 - $45
8888 11 Line Midhurst Ontario L0L 1X0 CA
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Paintball Canada

Paintball Guns


Quality paintball guns are standard equipment.

The FT-12 paintball guns Delta Force issues as the standard marker at our Vancouver centre is a robust, visually exciting weapon. Providing unbelievable accuracy and fire-power, the FT-12 is a great way to go into your day of battle with confidence.

A well-finished, semi-automatic gun that allows all players to play with a rapid-firing paintball marker, the FT-12 is lightweight and reliable during the heat of combat.


Our team of gunsmiths are proud of their work and each gun is lovingly maintained so you don’t find yourself pinned down with a weapon that won’t fire back.

The design has an almost ergonomic, comfortable feel and balance and that means you can move around the fields without the encumbrance of an unwieldy weapon slowing you down. Whether you are a clinical, one-shot one-kill type of specialist or, an unload-a-barrage-at-everything-that-moves type of commando, this gun will satisfy your paintballing needs.

Playing with Delta Force is to enjoy the ultimate paintball experience with the best equipment available!