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Strathmore Paintball

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Strathmore Paintball – Calgary.

The Delta Force Paintball centre in Strathmore has brought a uniquely professional brand of the sport within easy reach of the greater Calgary region. With well thought out playing fields designed to enhance the way the game is played for every player, this is an exciting experience for the paintballers in this part of Alberta.

Highly trained staff, excellent customer facilities and tradesperson quality game zone props and structures deliver a level of paintball unmatched by other companies. First class equipment is issued to all players who need it, and our marshals personally help those new to the sport creating an environment perfect for the novice or experienced player.

Take part in a prison break, lead the D-Day landings assaults or battle the zombie horde. These and more thrilling scenarios await the players.

Located only 45 minutes drive from Calgary, Delta Force Strathmore Paintball is the location for a paintball day of adventure sure to live on in your memory forever.

Base Camp Base Camp is where you will see yourself turn from average Joe to squadron hero, all with the addition of a combat suit and mask. Base Camp is a a place where you can grab some of the other great extras we have to make your day extra special! Onesie anyone? This is…

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A life worth saving. All attempts at finding clemency for your friend have failed. So much money and so much time has been spent on lawyers and jumping through hoops. But the law is not always just. The innocent aren’t always set free. However, in this case, you plan to change that. With a prison…

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All that glitters. Being law enforcement during the early months of a gold rush has had it’s moments but, overall things haven’t been too crazy. However, as the gold rush gains speed the amount of prospectors arriving in search of making it rich has suddenly risen to levels difficult to manage. The longer term prospectors here are not happy….

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June 6, 1944. D-Day. A day remembered and recorded in history as the largest and most significant combined marine and land assault of all time. And you are about to a part of it. Thousands of landing craft are swarming the beaches as the enemy soldiers, hidden in their bunkers are raining hell down on…

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The tropic thunder rolls. Dazed and confused, you slowly come to your senses. You were in a jungle with other actors and the fake explosions started and the fake bullets started flying. The director was hit and killed. Wait, what? That’s not in the script. As your head clears you find yourself pinned down with…

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Zombies and wealth. Hungry for riches, you and your crew are experienced treasure hunters. There’s no where you won’t go, and no goose chase you won’t follow if you think there’s a chance to get rich. And danger is no obstacle either. Your ex-military experience has allowed you train your crew in weaponry, stealth and…

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There is no try! Speedball. Organised chaos, hold the organised. No time to think, no time to rest. It’s kill or be killed and fortune favours the brave. The mission is simple. Protect the fuel and chemical compound from a terrorist attack. A coordinated terror attack is underway across the city and your team of specialists…

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