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Paintball fields Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Just 25 minutes from Winnipeg CBD, the Delta Force Paintball Winnipeg centre stands alone as a new class of paintball for Manitoba.

From the iconic and high paced Speedball game zone, through to the more strategic play around the tanks on Tropic Thunder or the buses on Prison Break, this centre has given the Winnipeg region a much needed boost of fresh air. Develop a plan to flush the enemy from their bunkers while using the tanks as cover, or launch a swat style rescue plan on the prison bus and get your comrade to safety.

Set in a lush bush setting, a day playing here is one you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Base Camp Base Camp is where you will see yourself turn from average Joe to squadron hero, all with the addition of a combat suit and mask. Base Camp is a a place where you can grab some of the other great extras we have to make your day extra special! Onesie anyone? This is…

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All that glitters. Being law enforcement during the early months of a gold rush has had it’s moments but, overall things haven’t been too crazy. However, as the gold rush gains speed the amount of prospectors arriving in search of making it rich has suddenly risen to levels difficult to manage. The longer term prospectors here are not happy….

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Storm the Coast! It’s June 6, 1944. D-Day. You’ve been loaded into the landing craft specifically designed to transport troops and machinery into battle. The Axis forces occupy these foreign beaches and territory and it’s time the Allies took it back! There’s little time for fear or even planning as your hardy platoon of Marines…

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Enter the prison war camp if you dare. Thinking you and your cast have been sent to Southeast Asia to make a Vietnam War movie, you find yourself left to fend for yourselves in a foreign jungle along with your movie-star friends. When one of you gets caught and imprisoned in a nearby war camp,…

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Last man standing! Speedball… the quintessential paintball experience. Its fast, its furious and its all about total annihilation! Nothing less than a total wipeout of the opposing forces is acceptable. With a major terrorist attack is imminent, your team has been ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves. The city is in lockdown and it is up…

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