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Delta Force Paintball Canada $35 - $45
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Paintball Canada

Hen Parties


Why should the boys have all the fun?

Your besty is getting married! Don’t put your friends through another tea party. How about something fun and adventurous to do for your hens party? Delta Force Paintball Canada offers the ultimate hen parties that’ll provide you and your girlfriends with action, laughter and an all round good time.

Yes, it’s a ‘boys game’ that girls play too! And, they do love it! We’ve literally had hundreds of thousands of women and girls get outdoors and play paintball with our various Delta Force Paintball centres around the globe.

Delta Force Paintball is easily accessible from the major centres in our area of operations, ensuring all of your party will not only be able to attend, but then, after a short skip and a hop back into town, drink and dance the night a way.

Does it hurt? We are the largest paintball company in the world by a very, very long margin and your safety is our primary concern. With full head protection goggles, padded collars and light body armour to protect the upper torso, a day out with us will be a comfortable and extremely enjoyable experience for your entire group.

Bright clothes always make for a better day, so feel free to bring along your own props for the bride-to-be to wear. Special games can also be arranged for the lucky lady (in fact we thrive on it) and this is where true friendships are forged… will you provide cover fire for the ‘bandit’ as she attempts to rob the bank, or will you help the sheriff bring her down?

For a hens party you’ll remember long after the wedding, come to Delta Force Paintball!