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Sherwood Park Season Launch 2015

Outdoor paintball in Edmonton returns for another season kicking off in April. For those hardy souls sitting at home chewing everything from their fingernails to each others heads off, relief is nigh. Another long winter has kept the keenest of players from getting out and painting their blues away but, at last, the ice and snow is beginning to wain. Delta Force Paintball’s state of the art Sherwood Park facility is gearing back up for action.



Spring paintball in this region is something else indeed. The team are preparing the fields and making sure the movie-quality props and structures are ready and waiting for a repeat of the onslaught the paintball park saw last year as the season opened. There was a lot of energy to burn. With the highly organised and professional Delta Force crew ensuring every player got the most from their day in the final weeks of snow, it was a wonderland experience for all.

Out there in Sherwood Park winter-scape lies the haunted graveyard of Resident Evil, the Castle battlements, an Armoured Invasion and other exciting game zones poised and ready for Edmonton’s paintball loving folk to come and enjoy once more.

Last years season at the Delta Force facility was an epic ride from the 1st day they opened in April through to the final day of play in November. The specialised heating systems developed by Delta Force to cope with the extreme cold nights, yet allow players to enjoy the glorious spring days have created the longest paintball season of any operator in the region. And the players love it. Getting out and experiencing the thrill and challenges of the game in the postcard environment is something the early comers describe favourably each year.

Bookings are well and truly open for the Delta Force Paintball Sherwood Park centre and already good numbers are showing for the upcoming season. So, go rattle a few of your friend’s cages and get them motivated to form a group, take advantage of the discount packs on offer; and book in for a day of paintball to welcome in another Edmonton spring.

Posted in News on 22nd March 2015

Last updated 23rd March 2015