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Toronto’s Newest Paintball Centre Opens March 28

The Greater Toronto region’s paintball fraternity will have a highly anticipated reason to rejoice as Spring begins to win the fight against winter’s grip this year. Sitting silently, cloaked in a cover of white since the onslaught of the snow season, the new arrival to the Ontario paintball scene is set to excite. This is the work of the world’s largest paintball games provider, Delta Force Paintball.

Not wanting to waste a moment of the 2015 outdoor season, Delta Force flew in a crew of paintball field building experts last fall. Driving by on Hwy 90, in or out of Barrie, the site changed daily as an amazing transformation took place at the old Soldier Gear Paintball Park. Delta Force often claim they provide movie-quality game zone features and the sight of a monstrous Egyptian pyramid being craned into position and giant Sphinxes placed as sentinels next to it certainly confirmed that the company wasn’t taking the importance of the Toronto paintball experience lightly.

With de-commissioned buses rolled into place on another game zone and other intriguing props and structures such as a complete enemy village compound in place, the whole Delta Force Paintball scenario quickly materialised to the enjoyment of passing motorists. By the time the snows began to fall for the 2014 Christmas period, Delta Force Barrie was complete including a M.A.S.H style base-camp, shop, kiosk and comfort facilities.

As Spring 2015 rushes in, the company is poised; trigger fingers twitching and ready to mobilise their professional paintball centre team. When the weather permits, and the exact opening day is confirmed, the finishing touches will be made. Safety gear and paintballing equipment will be brought in, fridges stocked and the whole operation dressed for the arrival of the lucky first players. When that happens, they promise paintball in the Greater Toronto area will have a unique experience of paintball unseen before.

Bookings are open and can be made via the booking form or calling the website phone number. Alternatively, very friendly and informative ticket sales people can be found at selected shopping outlets. No matter how the people of Ontario get their Delta Force Paintball day booked and locked in, they should be sure to take along as many of their friends as possible and take advantage of the various discount packs on offer. There’s not only excellent savings to be had but that will also ensure their day as is awesome as can be as they enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a Delta Force Paintball centre and do battle with, and against, their friends and family.

Toronto’s newest paintball centre opens Saturday, March 28. Call 1-800-568-8909 to book!



Posted in Media, News on 4th March 2015

Last updated 18th April 2016