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Armoured Invasion Scenario – Paintballing with Delta Force Canada

Armoured Invasion

The great war rages on with the sound of enemy fire filling the forest, alongside the roar of armoured tanks.

Holed up in hidden bunkers, the enemy has weathered the initial allied attack. Attacking fire has been raining down on these strongholds for what seems like days, but suddenly silence descends not he battlefield. The order to advance is upon you and there’s no time to wait – it’s up to you to displace the enemy.

You must fight for control of the battlefield and destroy the enemy bunkers once and for all. Armoured tanks can only provide cover for so long. Coordinate your teammates to make the move at the right moment to take out the enemy. You’ll need to draw on your years of training to secure victory on the battlefield.


This paintball scenario features at:

  • Sherwood Park Paintball