The Castle

The two-storey castle stands tall and ominous, deep in the thick forest. The medieval structure is almost impenetrable, with high walls and armed troops defending at all costs. You and your troops are tasked with overthrowing the enemy and gaining control of the castle until reinforcements arrive. You need secure of the Castle in order to use it as a base to launch a war effort further into enemy territory.

Gather your troops to make coordinated attack on the castle. A full-frontal assault will not end well – you need to create a constant barrage of cover fire as you surround the castle walls and mount an attack. Eliminate the enemy and secure strategic defensive positions within the castle until reinforcements arrive.

This paintball scenario features at:

  • Ottawa Paintball
  • Sherwood Park Paintball

Please note: Game zones are indicative only and are subject to change without prior notice. Likewise, certain game zones may be closed from time to time to allow for revegetation .

Game Zones