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Tropic Thunder

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Tropic Thunder

Believing you and your mates have been posted to Southeast Asia to make a war movie, you are left fending for survival in a foreign jungle. The situation worsens when your movie-star friend is captured and imprisoned in a heavily guarded war camp. It’s now down to you and your team of actors to lead an attack and secure victory for your friend.


It may seem small, however the camp is almost impenetrable. Guard-towers, barbed-wire fencing and heavily armed enemies means this is not going to be easy. With no support from the outside world it’s down to you and your allies to deliver a performance of a lifetime to secure victory for your friend and for the whole team. It may look like Hollywood, but you face real danger and you’ve only got one shot!


This paintball scenario features at:

  • Barrie Paintball
  • Maple Ridge Paintball
  • Ottawa Paintball
  • Strathmore Paintball
  • Winnipeg Paintball


Please note: Game zones are indicative only and are subject to change without prior notice. Likewise, certain game zones may be closed from time to time to allow for revegetation .