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Delta Force Paintball Canada $35 - $45
8888 11 Line Midhurst Ontario L0L 1X0 CA
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Paintball Canada

Average Joes Playing Paintball


Just your average joe playing paintball.

Average Joes make up a large number of our players at Delta Force Paintball. Our players are hard working fathers, mothers, students and even retirees. They arrive in all states of fitness, shapes and sizes. However, they share one thing in common, they all leave completely thrilled from the experience and so glad that they came along and gave paintball with us a go. Paintballing in Canada has never been easier! Located an easy drive from the central business districts of Vancouver and Edmonton and offers the best game zones and equipment the industry has to offer.

Don’t hesitate to bring family and friends to any of our centres. The latest safety equipment is issued to all who play. Your total protection includes a full-length camouflaged suit complete with protective neck padding, extra torso/chest protection, a full head helmet and goggle set, ammunition battlepack, and of course, a semi-automatic paintball machine gun!

On arrival you’ll be given registration forms to fill out and then you’ll settle into base camp which will be your behind the lines headquarters for the day. It’s here where you’ll find yourself morph from civilian to soldier. If you are competitive, you can stay up to date with your team’s progress throughout the days combat on the scoreboard.

The base camp is also where you can enjoy lunch you ordered earlier or brought along with you. You can rest from the heat of the battle, discuss your tactics and the rules of engagement before your next mission; or if you are the troops nominated driver for the day, you can wait in comfort and safety for the players to come back from combat.

Rest assured that your action-packed Canada paintball adventure will be full of high-voltage action. Depending on which Delta Force Paintball Canada location you are at you’ll play on our incredible movie-themed game zones, including Resident Evil, the thrilling Prison Break, or maybe one of the battlefields complete with tanks, all of which will test the skills and abilities of all players one way or another.

Our highly experienced staff are friendly and will also referee the games and readily give out those essential tips to help you gain an advantage and achieve all your objectives on the day. Our staff just love their work and what they do because they are all paintball enthusiasts themselves and will strive to generate excitement. They’ll have any shy average joes turned into raging warriors in no time.

A cool thing about playing paintball with us is that you don’t need any previous experience. The ‘average joe’ is very well suited to playing with us as we have gameplay particularly structured for their enjoyment. It’s a great leveller as people of all fitness and skill levels can play as equals.

So for a thrilling experience at Canada’s best paintball centres, round up your friends and get ready for what will be the highlight of the year!