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Delta Force Paintball Canada $35 - $45
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Paintball Canada

Corporate Groups


Team Cohesion

Paintball is now ranked as one of the leading sports for corporate events, and as such, is utilised by large and small businesses alike. When it comes to corporate party ideas, it ticks all of the boxes. Increase productivity, boost team morale, reward your staff and valued customers… the reasons to play paintball are endless and your day of paintball action can be tailored to meet your business’ needs and budget.

The incredible movie-set game scenarios at Delta Force paintball centres are also the perfect team-building setting. Strategy, teamwork and good communication are all essential to being victorious on the paintball field.


Picture your employees strategically positioned behind one of the tanks. Their comrades (once known as co-workers) crouch down in the nearby cover waiting for their leader to give the next order. You have a clear view of the enemy flanking your position, but should you launch your squad forward and risk heavy fire or retreat to a safer point of defence? The decision is yours – the fate of the unit rests on your shoulders!

You and those with you will experience all this plus more on your day paintball experience and what better way to unite the team, encourage leadership, nurture teamwork, create bonds and establish a healthy and happy business environment than a corporate day out with Delta Force! We are renowned for organising convenient and adventurous corporate days of paintball action that is often enjoyed and provides huge benefits to various corporate and even sporting groups.

The Delta Force team has a proven record in helping companies achieve their business targets, and our events are a great way to motivate staff, strengthen team cohesion or thank valued customers.

So gather the troops and get ready for an exhilarating and rewarding day of paintball action!