After a season of wonderful feedback from many thousands of happy players around the Greater Toronto region and beyond, the Delta Force Paintball centre at Barrie is ready to kick off another season of paintballing. The staff have tidied up and are restocking the site in readiness for the eager influx of Ontario paintballers, who are full of unexpended energy from another long winter. Thankfully though, due to Delta Force’s warming technologies, the outdoor paintball centre at Barrie is always among the first to open each season and last to close for the winter.

Day one of the new season is 26 March 2016 and the various game zone residents are braced and ready for the inevitable onslaught of keen paintballers. The Prison Break scenario buses, Vietnam style village POW camp and all the other fields and props are set and waiting.

With a plethora of positive feedback from last years customers, and word spreading about the unique, exciting and professional way in which the Delta Force Paintball Barrie centre operates, this coming season is expected to show this field to be a very popular choice for Greater Toronto paintballers.

Booking your day of paintball adventure is as easy as a quick phone call. Event coordinators will help and guide through the few steps to make sure your group sees why Delta Force Barrie is an experience many players choose to relive several times each season. Call 1-800-568-8909 to make a booking.



Posted in News on 16th March 2016

Last updated 18th April 2016