Delta Force Paintball Ottawa centre in Ontario has reopened!

After a really long road back after lockdown, compulsive hand hygiene, too much Uber Eats, new download records on Netflix and trying to get our paintball fix vicariously through the latest Call of Duty iteration we are excited to announce that our Ottawa paintball centre in Ontario, has officially reopened.

We were ‘tools down’ for a long time off the back of COVID-19 enforced closures, and after this extended paintball-free period it will feel fantastic to send some paintballs flying once more.

 We have adjusted our operational procedures to offer contactless payment, contactless collection of equipment and contactless paintball games.

 We have reduced the number of people on site by operating with shorter, higher intensity sessions rather than exclusively full day events. This means you get the same amount of paintball action but in less overall time, and it also means that social distancing is significantly easier to achieve.


All of these changes (and more!) are in place to ensure we deliver the same world class paintball experience but with heightened safety and hygiene precautions. Our collective world has been turned upside down and we’re committed to building a better, safer paintball experience moving forward.


For those guests who had existing bookings postponed due to COVID-19 closures, we thank you for your patience during these trying times. We are now open for business and ready to host your next special event. Our phone lines are open with reduced operating hours and capacity – so please call us on 1300 795 336 to make a booking.

Posted in News on 5th August 2022

Last updated 5th August 2022