Paintball Prices

Paintball prices – Saving by booking in groups.

Group Rates Delta Force PaintballPaintball definitely falls into the ‘more the merrier category. The more people there are to shoot, the bigger the group, the better the war stories are at the end of the day.

And rewarding groups for choosing to play at Delta Force Paintball is what we do.

We’d love you to bring along as many players as possible so we can impress you all so much, with the savings and our incredible game zones, you’ll come back again and again. Not only will you get to experience the best paintballing in the country but you’ll also get to do it at the most affordable prices! And you’ll do it with your group of friends or work colleagues as you share the objectives and strategies presented to you in our specifically structured game play designed to deliver a range of achievements.

Check out our paintball prices page to see the discounted pack options available to group bookings and reap the savings they bring. With so many awesome game zones to play on, the last thing you want is to run out of paintballs and miss out. So round up the troops, choose your value-added group pack and get more bang for your buck.