Tactical advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing on the battlefield.

A good soldier is always prepared and knows when to use the resources available at the right time to achieve their objectives. It’s not always just about who’s got the biggest gun you know!

With the launch of our brand new Smoke Grenades at Delta Force Tsawwassen you can launch a fatal assault on the opposition, or retreat safely under a thick cloud of smoke.

We can’t provide air cover for you but we can sure as hell send you into battle on the paintball field prepared to smoke out the enemy and give you an edge over those foolish enough not to learn from the pros.

These genuine looking grenades come in an assortment of colours, and just like the ones they use in the military forces around the world they are ignited with a ring pull wire.  Once ignited plumes of smoke billow out for approximately 90 seconds allowing you to clear buildings and structures by smoking out the opposition. Alternatively you can lay down a thick smoke screen as you advance on the enemy defences.

Don’t get pinned down and needlessly lose precious members of your squad in reckless manoeuvres. Purchase some Delta Force Paintball smoke grenades and gain the competitive advantage over your foes. Call our booking office on 1-800-568-8909 and book your paintball event now.

Posted in News on 19th July 2013

Last updated 14th June 2018