About Paintball Canada


A paint ball day with Canada Paintballing.

Visit Delta Force for a full paint ball day adventure and enjoy the most exciting activity on dry land! Every week more players are taking on the Delta Force challenge and for good reason; it’s fun, it’s extreme and most importantly of all – it’s safe.

Paintball is the perfect way to celebrate an occasion with family and friends. Be it for a birthday party or family reunion, stag or hen’s party or just a group of friends getting together to see who is the ultimate paintballer. Whatever the occasion we’re sure you’ll have an absolute blast at Delta Force Paintball.

On arrival you will be registered and issued with all of the essential items needed for battle… protective goggles, a full-length combat suit, custom-designed body armour and a 400-capacity ammunition holder.

Before the action begins, all players must undergo an essential safety briefing, detailing the rules and regulations of the day and informing you on how to use your paintball artillery.

Once you have been briefed you and your team of highly skilled combatants will then proceed through to the gun zone where you’ll be issued with a 0.50 calibre Inferno paintball gun. You can get your eye in at our shooting range and then it’s off to the action-packed scenarios for some extreme paintballing!

On a full day paintball adventure you’ll experience all facets of the game, from the fast and furious speedball arena to the more strategic Tomb Raider. With varied game zones and the best equipment, your next paintball outing with Delta Force will be safer and more comfortable than ever before.

Our purpose built paintball centre has been designed for the ultimate paintball adventure. You will have ample opportunities to ambush the opposition, be it behind the tanks, the village or the communications base.

Be sure to also use the natural terrain to your advantage, always be on the move and try to stay at least one step ahead of the enemy at all times.

With these few tips you and your team will be well on your way to writing your names into Delta Force Paintball history. Our centre caters to groups of all sizes and the facilities in our base camp make it a comfortable day out for both players and non-players alike.

It’s a fun day out for everyone involved so round up the troops and get set for an epic paintball battle.