Full Face Paintball Masks.

Full Face Paintball Masks.

With our full head protection paintball masks, your face and head are completely protected against the potentially harmful impact of paintballs. This allows you to enjoy your day in greater comfort and safety than ever before. Delta Force offers all our players the very latest US-Spec style, Full Head Protection Goggle Systems free with your entry price.

Complete with anti-fog lenses, the masks are well-ventilated so you’ll always have perfect visibility in the heat of battle.

Because player safety is a high priority to us, this head protection system is by far the most important piece of paintball equipment we issue for your day of paintball. Delta Force has invested heavily into this goggle system to make certain your experience with us remains as exciting as possible without compromising your safety. Most other paintball operators have not chosen to use these safer and more comfortable goggles, preferring to still use the older style goggles that provide no cover to the top and back of the head.

FAQs on goggles:

Q: Why aren’t all paintball operators using these goggles also?

A: Many small operators simply cannot afford the cost to make the switch. This full head system costs as much as four times older style goggles do.

Q: Why are the full head goggle systems especially important for younger players?

A: Having a ‘top’ to them means this protective mask system cannot possibly slip down. The possibility of this happening with inferior and older style goggles is always a possibility amongst persons with smaller ‘hat’ sizes. The chinstrap on our system equally prevents the goggles from being lifted accidentally.

Q: Won’t a full head goggle system make me hot?

A: The ‘helmets’ are a system of highly ventilated plastic plates. Each plate is fully articulated so they settle to your head shape for comfort. The goggles are no more hot to use than the older style versions.

Q: Do they ever steam-up?

A: The goggles are exceptionally well ventilated, as mentioned above, and factory-fitted with proprietary ‘anti-fog’ lenses. The goggles seldom ‘steam-up’ and if you are able to get them fogged, we have a simple de-mist solution available in the base camp.